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The old indian medicine is the perfect most ancient science tested by a life. The word "ayur" means "life", and "veda" - " scientific knowledge " literally. It comprises both the scientific approach, and art of a life. Conducted by known wise men - Susrutha, Charaka and Vagbhata, the old indian medicine is based on outlook which bears in itself ideas of the factor of the ecology, necessary condition for treatment of our spirit. This principle emphasizes more likely preventive, rather than medical aspect of therapy, and focuss us on a healthy and light way of life.

The given system of treatment worked wonders during the last 5000 years, relieving people from a wide range of illnesses. People from all over the world trust in ayurvedic methods of treatment. The Ayurvedic centers of India offer you the best conditions and means for sessions of therapy. You can make massage of the person with oils and a cream, massage of a body by means of hands and legs of masseurs with use of specially formulated oil containing medicinal substance followed by this comes the rejuvenescence of your body and soul through medicinal steam bath. All these procedures balance all systems of a body and cure them, and also - tone up a leather, rejuvenates a brain, soul and a body, and strengthens all systems of an organism.

Ayurvedic programs: - Ayurvedic the centers under direction of skilled medical workers offer set of various carefully balanced therapeutic programs for body rejunuvation bodies and showers in from 3 to 36 days. All therapeutic workers have had training thorough special preparation. Programs include a medical complex body rejunuvation, various clinical procedures, a complex of maintenance of beauty and care of appearance - all this as a result in the exclusive image changes your views and how you look. Various combinations Ayurvedic the programs consisting of:-are offered visitors body Massage

  • Snehapanam
  • Virechanam
  • Nasyam
  • Snehavasthi
  • Kashaya Vasti
  • Pizhichil
  • Njavarakizhi
  • Tharpanam
  • Sirovasti
  • Karnapooranam
  • Medical steam bath Shirodhara
  • Podikkizhi
  • Kati vasthi
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