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The Company and Employees:
  • Reliable, a young, dynamic, experienced, cohesive team

  • We work with clients around the world

  • Competent in holding conferences, business meetings, organize all types of recreation

  • Original ideas and approach to programming, excellent performance

  • We provide all kinds of services

  • Every employee contributes to its development and offers new ideas

  • Continuous training
How we work :
  • With reliable service providers

  • Conduct research on quality and performance

  • Offer attractive prices

  • Honesty and transparency in financial operations and management

  • Detailed proposals

  • Development of routes, taking into account the client's wishes

  • Constant updating of new areas around the world

  • Regular checks of the quality of performance
About Us:
Company Nirvana Tourism Pvt. Ltd. was founded by professionals who are employed in tourism business for over 10 years. Our extensive experience allows them to offer a variety of services to its clients.

The company Nirvana Tourism Pvt. Ltd. is a new approach web page tourist routes and destinations; be more than just a tour operator, to take into account the desire of each client. Our Team consists of professionals - this helps us to competition, receiving positive feedback from suppliers, tour operators and people who have entrusted us with your vacation. We are proud that we are working with knowledgeable staff who knows and loves his job.

We offer a wide range of services, customer-oriented, providing the opportunity to work in all possible directions around the world. A careful approach to the development of each tour has helped us.

  • Thorough inspection of all agreements prior to their execution.
  • Coordination of actions between the company and Its person nationwide.
Implementation of commitments

  • High quality of all services, negotiated
  • Clock support, the presence of responsible personnel on the spot
  • Pre-inspection order
Mortgage Success

  • Quality execution of orders
  • Experience with incentive groups (travel for employees) and groups coming to the conference
  • Skilled approach to working with business delegations traveling in different directions
  • Successful execution of orders across India and abroad
  • A strong reputation in the field of tourism and among suppliers
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