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Amatrra Spa is a life style spa that helps you to access and unlock these hidden reserves of energy. Its customized wellness programs combine the ancient scientific Ayurveda with advanced training systems , enabling you to live life to the full.

Awarded the "Best Day Spa in a Hotel" by the Tourism Ministry in their annual awards ceremony and "Best Lifestyle Day Spa" by the Limca Book of Records, Amatrra, in New Delhi, is a concept that has no precedent anywhere in the world. Amatrra is a unique facility that amalgamates the time
tested ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and Astrology with global twenty-first century technology and equipment to create, harmonize and balance individual energy in a Spa experience.

Amatrra is the first Spa to have recognised, researched and utilised the ancient knowledge source of Astroscience to customise every single detail within the spa; from its ambience to the therapies, from its health food menu to its product line in beauty and health care. The Spa also takes the application of Astroscience and Ayurveda in its revolutionary technology called 'Astroveda' to the next level by customising Spa regimen, identifying the most beneficial therapies, oils, mantras, and dietary prescriptions and prescribing aromas, colours and precious therapeutic gems for each individual user based on their planetary diagnosis.

Abhyanga (HALF DAY)

Abhyanga the ayurvedic oil massage is an integral - - part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being. Traditional ayurvedic texts were eloquent on the benefits. Here's what one says "Give yourself a full body oil massage on - a daily basis. It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the lustre of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body".

Amatrra Royal Signature Summer Polisher (90 MIN)

Complete body ubtan made from a blend of earthy sesame and floral anti tan polishers that gently exfoliate your body with short circular massage strokes. Dull skin cells are removed; circulation is improved, leaving a new radiance to the skin. Aromatic steam is given to the body which helps eliminate toxins followed by a full aromatic Olive oil body massage. A cool Sandalwood and dwarf honey mix in cool yogurt is applied. This helps soften and refine the skin after gentle exfoliation. A complete pampering experience which offers a truly rewarding indulgence.

Shirodhara (HALF DAY)

Shirodhara: Popularly known as third eye treatment of lord Shiva, a therapeutic Marma head massage with herbal oils is done and herbal oil, medicated milk or herbal decoction is poured in gently and steadily over the forehead in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement. This results in a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. It works on cerebral system, helps in relaxing the nervous system and balancing the Prana Vayu around the head. It improves the function of five senses, helps in insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, hair loss, fatigue, imbalance of Vata and makes one calm and fresh.

Amatrra Harmony with nature (90 MIN)

A luxurious diet with a beautiful blend of hydrating cleansing gels, moisturizing creams & mask for your skin. Penetration of sensitive skin active vitamin fluids that help to clear and calm sensitive skin. After this luxurious massage enjoy the relaxing pampering of hydrotherapy Flotation that relieves stress and releases the energy flow throughout the body by kneading specific areas of the feet using light relaxing a Reflexology massage.

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