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Oberoi Spas provide a serene and truly unforgettable experience of pure pampering and relaxation in exquisitely beautiful surroundings, using holistic therapies and massages which combine the very best of Eastern and Western practices. Expert in the use of Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy and traditional Western techniques, teams of highly skilled and trained therapists are handpicked for our hotels and resorts from the Spa Academy, Phuket.
Oberoi Spa recipes feature only the finest natural ingredients, often local to the resort and the Oberoi Group are committed to remaining true to the Asian tradition of respect for the environment. The extraordinary levels of
comfort and service that guests expect from Oberoi reach a peak in the Oberoi Spas.

The Oberoi Spa offers holistic treatments based on Ayurvedic, Asian and Western therapies to relax, rejuvenate and inspire. With tranquil views through lush green cedar and pine forests, the Spa Pavilions offer stressed out guests a peaceful haven to revitalise themselves both inside and out. Let the healing hands of trained therapists ease away the stress of hectic urban life. Get pampered with holistic treatments based on Aromatherapy and Ayurveda which will help your body and spirit get gently revitalised. A session at the Oberoi Spa & Fitness Centre promises to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Body Massages
(90 MIN)

Indulge in a healing art that seamlessly blends the ancient Ayurvedic palm-based massage with the use of heated basalt stones to relieve tension and soothe tired, painful joints. Special emphasis on key marma points of your body will bring about complete balance and harmony. To improve the flow of energy, the therapist will also place hot stones in the hands and on the soles of the feet-a revitalising sensation.

Body Scrubs
(30 MIN)

In wild Lavender Scrub the essential oils from lavender, orange and anise are added to purified salt to make this a mild but effective scrub to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. This formula soothes skin irritation while removing excess oil from the skin and tightening open pores.

Ayurvedic Treatments
(60 MIN)

In Himalayan Spice Body Wrap a fine paste of turmeric, sandalwood and milk helps to purify the skin, close open pores and improve dull and tired complexion. After the wrap, a carrot and yoghurt cleanser is applied to remove the yellow tinges from the turmeric.

Beauty Treatments
(60 MIN)

This is a Basic Cleansing Facial For all skin types. European products suitable for each skin type are used in this treatment to remove impurities which block the pores and cause skin irritation and blemishes. The special massage movements help to deep cleanse, by stimulating blo od flow and loosening surface blockages while inducing relaxation. The mask provides nourishment to balance the skin.

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