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AMMA "How selfless servant of the Lord, I do not hesitate to accept any births to serve each and every ."

In our century, when the heart lack of love and peace, Sri Hindu Saint Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) was a true embodiment of boundless love and mercy. Every moment of his life Amma dedicates healing of suffering humanity. She came into the world as a conductor of light and goodness everywhere; awakening the divine constitutes human hearts.

Amma was born in 1953 in Kerala, a poor and pious fisherman's family. Sudhamani - "treasure", the name given to her parents at birth. Love for God, compassion toward people and other beautiful features were manifested in her earliest childhood. Since 1979, people started coming to AMMA for spiritual advice, and soon her unsightly housing has become a real place of pilgrimage, where everyone can get help. In the early eighties, to preserve and disseminate the teachings were based Ashram and School Mats Amritanandamayi - the name means "mother of immortal bliss. At his residence, Amma's ashram takes all the suffering, showing infinite love and helping advice. It attaches particular importance to spiritual practices - meditation, bhajans and volunteer work for the benefit of others, considering them the best ways to achieve inner peace and harmony.

Today Amma work covers the entire world. Since 1987, she travels to India, often goes beyond its limits, bringing in each place of love and mercy. Thus, in October Amma arrives in Europe. In the south of France is its European ashram. Then Amma spends two weeks in U.S. and returned to India. So if you want to go to Amritapuri, to get in a special atmosphere Darshan Ammy, specify in advance the schedule her visits (otherwise it just does not catch, the official site: or. By the way, Amma was three times in Russia.

The main ashram "Amritapur" - is a large indoor room for meditation and bhajans, six-storey temple complex, where the darshan and meeting with Ammachi. There are also several auxiliary buildings, opposite the main entrance built two 16-storey hotel building, dormitory, next to them - the pool. ashram can accommodate up to thousands of pilgrims, but living conditions here are very simple. The cost of living - 150 rupees a day, including all meals (there is European cuisine), and all activities aimed at spiritual development.

A day at the Ashram begins with Archana - Singing 108 names of the Divine Mother, and continues with alternating sessions yoga or meditation, study of scriptures, karma yoga, or relaxation. On some days, Amma speaks at a spiritual theme. When in Ammachi Ashram - every morning at 11 o'clock in the evening darshan begins - bhajans. During the service, which she directs , Amma sings, reads mantras and yielding to religious ecstasy, impulsively raised his arms to heaven, shouting the names of the Gods. ecstatic among those present reaches the limit on Thursday evening and the night between Saturday and Sunday - during the Devi Bhava, when Ammachi clothed in special garments , wears a crown and enters into a trance, presenting an image of the mother goddess. Bhajan performed by Ammy - one of the strongest moments of meeting her. The audience was in a state of bhakti, and out of their eyes start to stream tears of happiness. For many it is a time of profound meditative experiences.

Amma says that its basic principle of the approach to people - not to communicate with words, but the direct interaction energies of love. During darshan, it may take up to 2000 people, but just in her arms, attracted more than 20 million people. with someone, she said someone just staring into the eyes, and it seems that people at this moment is dissolved in filling his feelings. The event - a meeting with the Divine Mother - considered by many to fundamentally change the direction of human life.

Amma taught by example and gives a high divine truth of humility, kindness and patience, igniting the desire in people to work for others. By the way, she was the most zealous worker of his Ashram, a living example of their own doctrine. It can be seen bearing bricks, doyaschey cow or cleaning toilets, conducting meetings with students or engaged in the affairs of the Ashram . Her students tell stories about how Ammachi even after a long reception to cook for them and fed as infants from their hands. A case of healing a leper: to save his "son" Amma handles its saliva, its sores, sucking their blood and pus. "I - am a servant of servants. This life is for others. The happiness of children is the wealth and health of the mother."

Her greatest desire and the method of training - "to dispel the ego of students," they may know the reality. "Amma never ceases to learn "the art of being happy, worldly wisdom. The mystery of life, according to her opinion, lies in knowing that the body is the form, capacity, and that the substance (soul) is different from the vessel. Self-knowledge will eliminate all unnecessary fears. Ego - the illusion does not exist by itself. It is imaginary. Stop supporting the ego, and it away and disappear. Those who went beyond the ego, was offering to the world - as incense sticks, which, burning himself, gives people the flavor. Only complete freedom from the bondage of the mind and ego creates inside the flow of love. People relate past and future, so in the world so hard to find true love. In order to be able to love, past and future must dissolve and disappear. "You must live in the present moment, in a state of" here and now. "The power of love depends on the number of identity, is present between people "- Amma teaches.

Where there are airports and railway stations - and the capital of Cochin Kerala - Trivandrum. The beginning of a journey to Ashram of light and goodness - the capital of India.
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