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Osho-Ashram: a laboratory of the new man

Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh, Osho, or simply (his name means "ocean", "dissolved in the ocean", "divine", "reached") - one of the most controversial teachers of the past century. Professor of philosophy, a mystic and enlightened master for some, for others - a notorious destroyer of ancient traditions, the "spiritual terrorist" and "sex guru". Osho's teachings, paradoxically, lectures are imbued with poetry and humor abound in parables and anecdotes, his statements often shocking, his image is mysterious and incomprehensible. His legacy includes about 650 books published in dozens of languages. The developed technique of meditation is infinitely varied and has a tremendous impact on practitioners.

At the heart of philosophical ideas Osho is a mixture of different religious traditions and trends, chief among which is Zen Buddhism. This eastern Sino-Japanese practice aimed at the knowledge of their true nature or the attainment of enlightenment. The Ashram Osho Commune International, or can be described as experimental laboratory to establish a "new man" - a person living in harmony with itself, free from the ideologies and religious beliefs that divide mankind. Thousands of people come here to gain insight and get rid of fears, stereotypes, and bindings through meditation, participation in religious programs and ministry in the community Osho. In the ashram you can get valuable advice on their personal sadhana, internal transformation and the daily program of meditation.

Main practice for visitors ashram - meditation, they should engage in at least six hours a day. "Meditation - the art of ecstasy. Meditation - a force that brings joy, which brings silence, which brings happiness ", - said Osho. Peculiar to the Osho meditation practices transitions from an active movement to stillness, from loud noises to silence, and a special breathing technique allows practitioners to get rid of many internal blocks and get access to the enormous potential energy. Tour of the ashram visit Multiversiteta Osho, nine offices which include the Academy of Meditation, Institute of Tibetan pulse diagnosis, the School of Creative Arts, School of concentration and martial art Zen school of mysticism, the International Academy of Health and others. All these programs are designed to help people acquire the skills of meditation: to become a passive witness to the thoughts, feelings and actions, without judgments or identification. Meditation in place Osho Samadhi. Here one can find spiritual support to the Master.

The most famous "Art of Ecstasy" Osho (just off in the Buddha Hall starts the day) - Dynamic meditatsiya.Eto a very powerful technique that helps a person get rid of fears and complexes, accumulated over many years. It takes about an hour and includes five elements: a 10-minute deep chaotic dyshaniya nose for 10 minutes of catharsis, 10 minutes jumping up and down shouting the mantra "huum; 10 minutes of absolute silence and 15 minutes of free dance. The complex of deep breathing and chaotic dynamics, combined with immobility and the state "an observer, watching myself," accompanied by the activation of vital energy, which clears the mind, causing everyone to inner peace and happiness.
Other types of meditation that you can do - this is the kundalini, vipassana , Nataraja, Dévaványa and nadabrahma.
culmination of the day in the Ashram - an evening meeting. All stop work and gather together for a common meditation, creating a strong spiritual unity. It's kind of a unique act, during which thousands of participants, according to Osho, "dissolve into the sea of consciousness. Two-hour meeting is not so much a meditation as a holiday of energy, which begins with a dance and ends with a powerful triple exclamation "Osho" "That sound is so deep that at this moment it is impossible to stay awake inwardly. Followed by 10 minutes of rest under the Indian instrumental music. And then you can watch a video, according to the Master: "to create silence, to as long as you do not become quiet until you reach a state of enlightenment,"

"I do not give you any purpose, - said Bhagavan Sri Osho Rajneesh. - I can only give direction - awake, pulsate with life - the unknown, always unexpected and unpredictable side. I do not give you a card. I can give you only a great passion for the study. Yes, the map and do not need - only required the greatest passion, great desire to explore the world. So I'll leave you alone. So you have to go by themselves. Go to the unknown and the infinite, and gradually learn to trust it. Give yourself into the hands of life. "

For all his fame, wisdom and clarity (some authoritative scholars of the phenomenon known as second Buddha, Osho), he never ryadilsya in the cloak of a messiah or prophet. On the contrary, avoided the imposition of the commandments and unquestioning of their implementation. "My first request (or invitation) is: do not let her die in doubt. Do not imitate: to be someone very hard to become someone very easily, all you need to do - be a hypocrite. Beware of knowledge - knowing become so easy . Forget the word "prayer", replace it with love. Love is not to some invisible God. Love to appear - human beings, animals, trees, oceans, mountains. Put on the wings of love as wide as you can .. "

Osho Ashram is located in Koregaon Park in the outskirts of Pune (some 250 km south-east of Bombay). Pune - a very beautiful city with two million inhabitants, known, except for community Osho, the Institute of Iyengar Yoga.
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