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Babaji-Ashram: Love in Action

Kumaon, the foot of the Indian Himalayas - place of birth or life of many saints of India. Here lived and Sri Haidakhan Baba. Babaji learned the book Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi", although in India it is revered for centuries as the Great Teacher, inhabiting fine form in the Himalayas and periodically incarnated into a human body in various parts of India, Nepal and Tibet.

History enlightened and immortal Mahavatar Babaji - yogi-Christ of modern India is controversial and mysterious. There are numerous accounts of his miracles: the healing of people, the resurrection of the dead, stay at the same time in different places, feeding large numbers of people a small amount of food. Date of birth - November 30, 203 years - reliably known, but is also aware that since he had not died, and over the centuries, repeatedly appeared before a lot of people and seekers.

Babaji Nagaraj was born in a small village, situated near the confluence of the sacred river Cauvery in the Bay of Bengal (Tamil Nadu) in the family of Brahmins. The parents gave him the name Nagaraj, meaning "Lord of Snakes". In the 15 years he learns the secrets of Kriya Yoga in the legendary Maharishi Agastyara, and after 18 months of meditation in Badrinath - Himalayan temple, situated at an altitude of 3122 m, attains enlightenment and is transformed into Babaji. Since Babaji found divine consciousness and become Mahasiddhom, his body is not subjected to the ravages of disease and not dying. He lives in the form of light as a source of universal love and truth, and is ignorant to our world of clear light of consciousness, the supreme peace and bliss. Babaji's mission - to prepare the planet and its inhabitants to the great transformation.

Last know for its embodiment - eighteen Haidakhan Babaji emerged in 1970 from the energy ball at the foot of Kumaon Mount Kailash in the north-eastern India. Holy boy, endowed with divine wisdom and power, which once came to restore the Sanatana Dharma - the law of truth and righteousness. "Live in Truth, Simplicity and Love, and follow their karma yoga .. This goal is based Babaji's ashram, where he is now going to searchers from different countries to share spiritual advancement and study of its message (for a short time, his presence here had been built nine temples) and the International Organization Haidakhan Samaj, whose centers are open in several dozen countries world.

Babaji ordered constantly repeat the name of the Lord, any, who at heart - while working, walking, eating, and even in my sleep, so as to obtain divine protection and purification. Babaji insisted that the students focused on his message and purifying their own hearts, and not on his behalf, and form. He said that his body, like the bodies of other people - nothing. "

Babaji has predicted that the current era, marked by degeneration of morality and the triumph of evil is coming to an end. The world awaits the social and natural disasters, which radically change the face of the earth, and survive in these cataclysms, will be limited to those who rebuild their lives by cosmic law of Truth, Simplicity and Love. The salvation of mankind Babaji linked primarily with Russia, which represents, together with India's main bastion of spirituality on the planet. Babaji left 14 February 1984, promising to return soon. But before leaving he said: ". I'm only here to serve. I'm only here to convey my message: Truth, simplicity, love and service. I want you to go through the light. I want you to think for them. I want you to fight for the truth. I want you to escape from the lower self, which requires more and more to only bring you frustration and suffering . Either way, whatever way I can do good to others makes them happy. Be happy! Be polite! Be the source of enduring joy! Know God and only the good in every face! No saint, who would not have been the past and no sinner, who would not be the future! Read all people! Be original! Be creative! Be brave! Do not imitate! Be strong! Be persistent! Do not lean on other people's bones! Think of your own head! To be themselves! All perfection and every divine virtue are hidden within you - then open them wide! Wisdom, too, lies in you - let her shine brighter! Let God's Love will set you free! Let your life be like living roses - in the silence, she speaks the language of fragrance . But I do not need idle lyudi.Vy must move forward through the action. Man must act. Our motto - "Work is Worship" .

To get to the Ashram, it is necessary to get to the city Haldvani, which is located about 240 km north-east of Delhi. By car takes up the entire day.It is advised to stay overnight in Haldvani at the hotel KailashView, where work was followed by Babaji - they will not only help with accommodation, but also information and transport. The next morning you can leave the car in the ashram. It's about him, Babaji said in his message: "There were no castes or different beliefs - no difference. Do not worry, you're working alone. No problem. Even so many people come here, from all parts of the world! Do not worry about anything. You see an ant - its very small, but what a great burden it can carry. You should not get upset or come into despondency. If we want, we can move mountains - if we want -and if it be our will. Do not be discouraged in this small work. When you fall into depression when you lose your courage - comes death. never lose courage. Work as a single unit . "
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