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Sai Baba

In India, rich in many pristine spiritual centers, there is a unique source of truth, love and understanding of nature itself. To communicate with him, do not pace yourself familiar earthly quest "metaphysical call of the soul" - the book exercises sound crazy, mystical fantasies of the subconscious, painful trepanation inner self or the environment. It is enough to make a trip to Puttaparthi - a hamlet in southern India, which is the Ashram "Prashanthi Nilayam" - the abode of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba.

Every day, thousands of pilgrims from around the world keep the path is here to meet with him - 83-year-old Sai Baba Avatar. For some, he is a prophet who reads thoughts, authentically tells about the past and predicts the future. For others - the miracle worker, who creates out of thin air and gives the pilgrims Vibhuti sacred ash, the material is quite rosary- watches, rings, medallions. For others - Healer fleeing from an incurable disease - cancer, blindness, paralysis (proven and documented several cases of resurrection from the dead).

But for most of his followers and visitors to Sai Baba - Avatar, the incarnation of God in human form. "Do not judge me on the most unimportant, that in me, - said Baba, - namely, the so-called miracles are merely insignificant, external manifestations, opening an infinitesimal fraction of my power . My Darshan - a gift which dream of even higher realms of the gods, and you get this grace .. "

Chance to-believe-to know, to-love, love . Those who are called to meet the divine truth and the incredible power of Sai Baba, begin to feel and understand the holistic nature of the Cosmos, God and myself, to feel peace, peace, righteousness, happiness. "Recognize the divinity within themselves .", "bent on destroying the ego .", "Serve the people - to serve God .". Each Darshan (the phenomenon of Sai Baba) - a stream of wisdom, blessing and power, which he generously shared with people. Whoever it was, a citizen of any country or nationality. "There is only one religion - the religion of love ." Om Sri Sai Ram ..

The overall mission of the three incarnations of Sai Baba, this universal man-god - by example, the principles of respect for all religions, good will, truth and love to lead humanity to peace and prosperity, open the way to the supreme bliss. The current incarnation of Avatar - Sathya Baba, - the mission of truth. In the age of 96 he left his physical body and materialize again through eight as Prem Sai village in Karnataka state Mandia, to secure the spire was built on the temple and finish the work of love. "

Ashram Prashanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi village, which has a modern airport hotel and dormitories - a comfortable pilgrimage and tourist center (number of inhabitants of about 10 thousand people) .. Nearby towns also are surrounded by love and care of Sathya Sai Baba. The devotees built a free roads, bridges, schools, including - a multidisciplinary clinic with ultra-modern equipment. The human mind is unable to cover the whole range of issues of concern to Satya Sai Baba. But to meet him, God-man, to go in the morning and evening darshan, bhajans, lectures, interviews, take part in a special meditation - if you want, and faith can each pilgrim and tourist.
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